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Foot wear for tropical surf fishing

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I thought you might be entertained by my warm water beach fishing shoe collection.  Everyone who has gone with me surf fishing in Mexico thinks I have a shoe fetish.  They think it is very funny but Amelda Marcos and I think it is very serious. 


Seriously, when you are in and out of the surf and trekking for miles on the hot sand, shoes are a big deal.  Your feet are your wheels and if they are sore, chafed, hot, cramped, or weighed down they are going to seriously limit your fishing capabilities.  I have suffered with foot problems many times.   I am quite familiar with raw spots, blisters, cuts, bruises, cramps, foot pickling, exhaustion, and have even suffered the loss of both big toe nails.


My collection and experiments include the below.  Not shown are the myriad of shoes that were returned for a refund.  Many of these were neoprene “flats fishing” boots, none of which I would recommend to anyone except for true “always in the water” and “always on level bottom” flats fishing.  They are not for trekking long distances especially up and down grades.  


Here is the reject line-up.  It encompasses about four years of trial.  I probably have trailed (modified and unmodified) twice the amount of shoes shown.  They run the gamut from sandals of all sorts, neoprene and mesh water shoes, athletic shoes, neoprene boots of all sorts, and believe it or not wrestling shoes.



Good warm weather beach fishing foot ware must be cool, fast draining, light weight and absolutely exclusive of all sand.  


I'm very glad I discovered Sand Socks.  They are very stretchy and tightly fitting lycra socks with neoprene soles.  Sand Socks were originally developed for beach volley ball players.  They eliminate sand from the abrasive effects of sand rubbing against your feet.  The neoprene soles provide protection against small sharp objects and  hot sand.



These socks also protect your feet from sunburn and jelly fish.  They are very cool and dry in a flash.  Sand Socks also provide a bit of "webbed toe" effect and make walking in loose sand easier.


Adding Crocs type clogs to Sand Socks make the ideal tropical fishing set-up.  Crocs provide a definite "snow shoe" effect in soft sand and this makes walking much less fatigueing.  They also provide necessary protection from the blistering hot sand of mid-day.  Very importantly, long deadly tree thorns can be found in the debris on foot trails and also washed up on beaches.  You will have substantial protection from these if you choose Crocs with thicker soles (like the "Off Road" model).  We do a substantial amount of hiking on trails, rocks, beaches, etc. with Crocs.  They also offer protection from scorpions.


My well used Crocs:


When standing or walking on the dry sand we wear our Crocs.  When we fish with our feet in the water (and especially when we land a fish) we kick the Crocs off high and dry on the sand and then we are wearing just our Sand Socks.  Crocs slip on and kick off so easily that this is no trouble at all.  Crocs are very light and keep our luggage weight to a minimum.  When wearing the Crocs, the Sand Socks prevent the abrasive sand from rubbing between our tender skin and the Crocs.  I highly recommend the combination of Crocs worn with Sand Socks for warm weather surf fishing.









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