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Modifying the Super Strike Little Neck Popper

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The SSNLP in the 2 3/8 ounce size is a great lure.  It is called a “sinking “ version but in fact it is mainly a surface lure.  It does sink when at rest but easily comes to the surface to be used as a popping lure or a surface speed burner.  In addition, it can be slowly retrieved subsurface using it’s built in waggle.  The SSNLP is also one of the best distance casting lures out there.  It has several attributes that make this possible but it can be supercharged into a casting rocket!


If the fish are bitting aggressively it's wise to remove the rear set of  trebles.  If the fish are biting tenatively you might choose to leave both sets of trebles on the lure but be aware that hook removals will be complicated and fish mortality will rise.


The SSNLP has a square piece of lead in the bottom of the body about ¾ of the way to the rear.  This weight helps the lure to fly butt first without spinning.  The next modification is to soup this up.  Just to the rear of the square weight there is another hollow chamber in the lower half of the body.  We will fill this with lead shot.


Here is a translucent view showing the factory square piece of lead and the chamber behind it filled with shot.



Drill a 1/8-inch hole in the belly of the plug ¾ of an inch from the butt end.   Fill the cavity with #8 (or not bigger than #6) lead shot.  You can get some by getting a shotgun shell from a hunting friend and emptying the shot out.  Tap and shake the plug to settle the shot as you fill it to capacity.  Then seal the hole with waterproof glue.   You will have added ¼ of an ounce to a very strategic place in this plug.  Without the rear hooks it will now fly dead true like an arrow.



The last tweak is to replace the  hook withs a 3/0 VMC 4X trebles.  The VMC is made of unique metal and it is extremely strong.  It is a bit shorter than the factory hook so we can use a number 5 (90 lb.) Spro Power Split Ring to attach it to the plug.  The hook will still nestle in the slim neck in flight and be out of the air stream.  I prefer to open the gap in the hook with a pair of pliers just a bit for more hooking bite.



This modified SSLNP is a javelin.  Most people should be able to cast it well over 100 yards using a good 11-12 foot rod.  If you can’t reach the fish with it, move on.






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