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The sun  The sun The sun

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The Sun.  The Sun.  The Sun


Mornings on the Mexican Pacific are usually pleasant and the sun is behind you.  But it’s a fact that in the afternoons the Pacific beaches are cookers.  This is especially true in the summer and fall when the glamour fish are biting.  The sun is incredibly intense and right in your face.  Its effect is magnified by reflection off the sand and water.  There is no shade on the beaches so if you want to fish in the afternoons you must wear our own shade.


A sunburn is a nasty thing.  Even in mild forms it is uncomfortable.  It will make you feel ill, weak and lethargic for several days.  It will cause you to not sleep well.  A moderate sunburn will make you give up fishing early.  You will lose your focus and want to return to your lodging and sit in the shade.  A severe sunburn will make you feverish and sick.  You won’t last long with a severe sunburn and you will wish for home.


Sunscreens are messy and must be frequently applied.  I prefer long sleeved shirts and long legged pants for sun protection.  Nylon or polyester fishing shirts are excellant. They dry very fast and they are fairly cool.  Polyester shirts are a little cooler because they have an open weave and let the breeze pass through.  Nylon fishing pants are best.  They are a big aid in keeping biting insects off you.   They also usually have lots of pockets that you can put to good use.  At the end of the day, I wear my fishing clothes right in the shower.  The next day they are clean and dry.  Cotton will never dry in these conditions. 


You will need to apply sunscreen to your face and hands and this will need to be done every couple of hours.  I prefer a pair of tropical fishing gloves and sometimes a face mask.


A good hat is a necessity.  It must have a broad and full brim.  Wearing a baseball style cap is asking for a sunburn.  It should have a ventilated crown to let heat escape from your head.  It should have a chinstrap for windy days.  Find one that make you feel muy sexy and contributes to your sense of adventure.


Sunglasses are very necessary.  This becomes even more true as the day progresses on the Pacific.  The sun will swing overhead and be directly in your eyes in the afternoon and at sunset.  Squinting in the glare will be a strain and it will give you a headache.  Polaroid sunglasses are an aid in spotting fish.  The ultimate sunglasses have GLASS lenses.  Glass lenses have the best optical qualities and they have the most resistance to scratching of any other material.  They also clean much easier than any other material.  They are fairly expensive and plastic lenses will work but they will not be as carefree. Your sunglasses will become coated with salt spray quickly when the wind is on shore.  It is very wise to keep a small spray bottle of glasses cleaner and a cleaning cloth in a plastic bag in your shirt breast pocket.


The well-dressed surf fisherman.



Here is a video about survival on the sands of Mexico.  It is about seven minutes long so be patient while it loads.


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