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Simply Awesome Nov 2009

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A cookie eating bull.  A warm fuzzy bear.  Everyone’s friend.  Jim Perez has been in with me more than anyone else.  He was a member of the very first group trip.  Jim is always a favorite companion of all who have spent a week with him.  He always humbly and quietly shows us that our fixation on fancy gear does not necessarily translate to catching fish. 

When Jim is fishing near you, there are no worries.  He will land your fish.  He will not crowd your spot.  He will be quick with smiles and encouragements.  It just goes to show you, nice guys are the happiest guys and it rubs off.

The roosters like Jim.  They fly from his fingers with exhilaration and a WHOO HOO!

I think I’m most comfortable when I’m fishing with Jim.  Everything just seems right.  I have no worries.  I wish I lived near Jim.  All of you would be lucky if you got to know him.


Mike Fixter is Jim’s friend.  He is also one of the most fabulous (maybe the most fabulous) custom plug maker around.  He is one of those guys that just excels at everything.  It’s not hard to envision him as the fire fighter/ rescue guy that he is (retired).  He finally broke his roosterfish hex.

Mike injured his back recently and has been through several surgeries.  It caused him some problems but you can’t hold a man like this down.  However, he did complain that Sergio found every turtle nest, fox hole, and rut while driving on the beach.

Mike visited Sergio in Mazatlan several years ago.  They are good friends.  Here they are with some of Mike’s exquisite plugs.

I had been talking to Mike about making this trip for a couple of years.  I can’t tell you how delighted I am that it finally happened.  Next year Mike, I expect your back to be all better and the fish will really be in for trouble.





Dave Christinzio is a New Jersey guy and a friend of Mike’s.  He went to Mazatlan with Mike several years ago when they fished with Sergio.  Dave also handles Mike’s plug booth at the Asbury show.  I spend one of those magic moments with Dave.  A tremendous rooster blitz appeared on shore.  The bait was getting murdered right at our feet.  It kept up for almost two hours.  Dave caught about a dozen nice big roosters without even moving.  I was his wingman and just landing all those fish wore me out.  I think Dave finished the day with 15 roosters and this might be a Roosterland record.


Dave is a multi-talented/multi-species fisherman.  He slayed.  Get a load of this fine Dragon’s Beach fish!


Did I mention the big jack were also snapping??!!




Johnny Craviotto is a boyhood friend of Mike’s.  He owns a drum company of distinction and travels all over the world.  Johnny and I have a bond of music and fishing.   He lives a meat-grinder life and was in need some soothing magic.  Rooster land always delivers.


Johnny got his rod bent plenty!  I don’t have photos of his fish because they are on his camera.  How about sending me some of those photos John?


I think John likes going native.  Like so many of us, a special place now resides in his mind and he can go there whenever he feels the need.  Thanks for sharing everything with us John.  It was all good and welcome to The Brotherhood.


Sergio Escutia.  Where do I even begin?  He has been my roosterfish mentor since before it all started.  Sergio’s writings influenced me to go in search of roosterfish  I can’t tell you what it means to me to now be a friend of Sergio’s. 

Sergio has a tremendous amount of energy and his mind is always active.  His observation and analytical skills are outstanding.  His fishing skills and equipment are fine tuned.  But, his greatest love is discovery and his fishing will always be fresh because of this.

It was terrific sharing and testing knots, rods, reels, and stories with Sergio.  We even shared swollen right feet!  I feel that I have a new brother in Sergio and I am certain this is just the start of many things between us.

Sergio will enhance everyone’s future trips through his influences.   He will actively help us preserve this wonderful fishing place.  Thank you very much Sergio.  I cannot wait until we are fishing together again.





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